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Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

punkey posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2017-02-22 15:31:19
"Sounds like a plan to me," Mason says, and pats his leaky friend on the head. "You, stay put."

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

Gatac posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2017-02-21 15:12:14
The good part of punching into a van: less glass shards outside to make people suspicious. The bad part of punching into a van: glass shards inside. Tim's got the worst of it out by the time the others arrive with their respective quarry, and Mason immediately making a statement because the body he's carrying out is no longer breathing. Fortunately, dead and living bodies (properly secured, of course) both fit in the back of the van, so you're off to the warehouse in pretty good shape.

"How did I go here?" Visser reminiscences as you fill the van's crew cab. "Everything was smooth before Varajev. I did my business, Crips did their business and paid me for my trouble. I never asked too many questions, you know, but..."


"...oh, there it is," Visser says, interrupting his stream-of-consciousness recap of better days with actually useful information. The warehouse at the end of the road looks about as big as a football field, three stories high, no light from inside; only the street lamps and lamps at the front door and loading docks provide any illumination, lending the warehouse a bit of spooky ambiance it probably doesn't deserve. There is, however, one car parked outside: a white hatchback whose aftermarket stickers may have well cost more than the wing on the back.

"Guards are in car," Visser explains. "Supposed to walk around but they usually just wait in car. I distract the two, you go sneaking?"

Re: The Kingdom - Born on the Bayou

CrazyIvan posted in The Kingdom - Born on the Bayou on 2017-02-15 02:11:30
The duelist doesn't turn from her enemy - that impulse was trained out of her with a sufficient number of blows with a practice sword to the ribs, or once, rather memorably, to the side of her head. She does however duck her head, closing her eyes and filling her lungs, bracing for the inevitable torrent of filth from the creature.

Which never comes, halted by the insane leap of Ozzy and Marin onto the creature - which makes bladework somewhat more dangerous, but is at the very least commendably brave.

The stature of the bear-thing, and it's ability to leverage it's bulk and...vomit...was proving a complication. And if nothing else, Ozzy and Martin's heroics would be made much less complicated by taking place lower to the ground. Capitalizing on the furry distraction currently trying to punch the beast, Ana darts to it's back, seeking to sever the creature's overstrained hamstrings.

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

Gatac posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2017-02-14 12:40:47
(Tim's Infil: 1d6 = 3 JUST SO

Tim's HtH: 1d6+1 = 4 TAKEDOWN!)

Speed might be the metaphorical key, but the piece of asphalt is the more literal one, with a delivery like a 7.65mm Walther PPK. Turns out Mr. Fruit Ninja was just getting off a call with his girlfriend, so there's his hand and phone in the way of the piece, which - lucky for him - downgrades this little encounter from "fracture" to "concussion".

The phone is bricked, though.

As Tim quickly unlocks the van's door, shoves Mr. Fruit Ninja aside and ducks down in the driver's seat, he can just about see the security guard come back from his little round - only to run into Mr. Visser, who exchanges a few words with him and claps him on the shoulder with a smile. It doesn't take long for the security guard to go back to the desk, grab his stuff and hand over a bundle of keys to Mr. Visser before heading out. Tim ducks down extra far and hopes that the guard doesn't notice the smashed window on the van, but he seems to have his mind set on going home. He takes his car - one the company BMWs, good for you, man! - and, after a few tense seconds of fumbling around inside with the seat belt and the radio and the A/C and oh my God just go already, he reverses the car off the lot, leisurely turns onto the street and then drives off.

Good to have the company owner on your side, it seems. With the guard gone and the Crips all handled, you're home free, for the moment.

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

Admiral Duck Sauce posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2017-02-14 12:21:04
"But we just got here," Tim fake-complains as Mason heads upstairs to murder someone. At least the camera's still rebooting...

With that, Tim about-faces and heads back out the door he just entered. It's an easy matter to loop around the lot and reach the van, although Tim's a bit unsure which approach to take. A neck seal would give Tim the most control over Van Guy's condition, but good luck getting into a van slow and unnoticed. Even the most oblivious person Tim knows (and most people seem pretty oblivious to Tim) would notice someone climbing into their vehicle. Speed, then. But then to yank the door open - assuming the door's not locked - and then have an awkward fight with a guy sitting down... nah.

Speed, as always, is the key. Tim stops by a convenient pothole in the parking lot and hefts a piece of cracked asphalt. It's going to go through the window and into Van Guy's head, taking care of the "is the door locked?" problem as well as the "awkward fight with a sitting guy" problem. Tim waits for the lobby guard to mosey off on another slow circuit and give him a window of opportunity. Puns!


Gatac posted in OOC on 2017-02-14 08:27:37
Yep. Infil to get in position, and I'll allow HtH for the attack.


Admiral Duck Sauce posted in OOC on 2017-02-14 07:52:19
So if Tim wanted to sneak up on the van outside and break the window - and the driver - with a brick or something, that'd still basically be Infiltration?


skullandscythe updated in OOC on 2017-02-13 23:12:16
So when it comes to getting an ambush in, as Robert has mentioned in-thread, the usual go-tos for an ambush are Athletics, Conceal, and Infiltration, but these are the easy routes. You can do it with (almost) every other general ability. All it takes is a little creativity. Some actions could be utilized by multiple skills, too; Example:

Robert Müller
HtH: They handcuffed you, but they left the safety strap on their holster off. You grab the gun in a flash and start shooting.
Ross Castaneda
Ehh, that could be a Filch.
Robert Müller
But I'd let it pass as HtH.

Robert came up with some examples in chat last night, and I'll provide some of them here with additions of my own that I think could pass muster.

Digital Intrusion: Reprogram the security system to close the shutters after the second person trips the sensors, then wait for the thief to enter before stepping in yourself. (Robert: you plugged a PWN Plug into the smart home hub as you came in. You tap your smartphone and bam, lights go out.)

Disguise: Use a disguise to get close, get their guard down, or just through the damn door. (Robert: "You know, we weren't expecting your visit, Major." "I know." *silenced gunshot*)

Driving/Piloting: Putting both here because, far as I can tell, the only way this qualifies is if the active vehicle is used to get closer to the target. This goes beyond a simple drive-by shooting, I think - Robert gave an example of ramping a boat into the wall of a drug lord's seaside home (something I hope we can actually do at some point) - so I figure riding a powered scooter through a restaurant to leave a little pineapple behind for a 'friend' and get out in a hurry could work just the same as crashing through a chainlink fence on a motorbike just in time to decapitate a street punk with a katana.

Explosive Devices: Turn someone's moonshine still into an IED. "Where...WHERE HAS RUM GONE?" (Robert: Who left that teddybear lying here? or, better question, who rigged it with a flashbang that goes off when the guard pokes it?)

Filch: Slip a live grenade into someone's pants? (Robert: Hey, my cell phone's ringing, give me a sec. Wait a minute, that's not *my* phone...)

Gambling: Trick them into a high-stakes card game, then shooting them from beneath the table. (Robert: uh...Bangkok rules?

HtH: Are you trying to mug me? With that stance? No no no, look, spread the feet apart a little more. More. Okay, good. *kick to the wide-open groin*

Mechanics: Hey buddy, could you look in there and see what's jamming the thresher? Yeah, just step right here...(Robert: Sabotage the ambassador's car so it stalls out when the driver turns off the ignition at the next signal.)

Medic: Fake a medical emergency well enough someone enters your cell to check up on you. (Robert: Hey, do you smell that? Smells like someone mixed up tear gas and put it in the A/C.)

Preparedness: Set off a bomb you surgically planted into a masked minion the day before.(Robert:...why am I standing on an X?)

Sense Trouble: Robert: that dude was totally tensing up to draw. Well, too slow, buddy!

Shooting: You haven't even taken the safety off, rookie.

Shrink: Psychoanalyze the weak link into pointing the gun at his 'ally.' Bonus points if he actually shoots them. (Robert: Sure, they had you cornered - until you suckered one of them to get close and try to throttle you. Hello, human shield, and *hello*, loaded gun.)

Surveillance: the old "hey look a distraction" trick.

Weapons: Hey, want to see me juggle these knives? Oops! Seems I dropped one into your aorta. (Robert: hey, I know that a katana is not made for stabbing - but the shoji this guy was standing in front of doesn't know that.)

Feel free to come up with your own! Better yet, show them off in the thread. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a good, sturdy but light speedboat I can launch into a crime lord's bedroom.


Gatac updated in Wiki on 2017-02-13 06:48:19




  • Human Terrain 1
  • Languages 3
  • Law 1
  • Military Science 1

  • Bullshit Detector 3
  • Flattery 1/2
  • Flirting 3
  • Interrogation 1/2
  • Negotiation 1
  • Tradecraft 2
  • Streetwise 1

  • Notice 3
  • Outdoor Survival 2

  • Athletics 8
  • Conceal 4
  • Cover 10
  • Disguise 2
  • Driving 4
  • Explosive Devices 2
  • Hand-to-Hand 4
  • Health 6
  • Infiltration 0/4
  • Mechanics 2
  • Medic 4
  • Network 15
  • Piloting 2
  • Preparedness 7/8 (MOS)
  • Sense Trouble 8
  • Shooting 8
  • Stability 4
  • Surveillance 3/4
  • Weapons 6/8


Mason also brings with him 4 points of Extra Heat: 2 points in Colombia and 2 in Chechnya. But surely, the hateboner of two major groups of organized crime are not gonna create any problems for you at all.


Drive: Altruism. Mason's all about doing the right thing. He just lives in a world where the Right Thing usually is to kill bad guys.
Symbol: A family on their knees with guns to their heads. The names, the faces, the blurs together for Mason, who's seen this too often. The people just outside that neat little picture, the ones holding those guns? Mason's gonna bury them, bury them all, so he never has to see this picture again.
Solace: Alira Holden, ASIS. Mason and Alira have crossed paths before, both professionally and...less professionally. And unlike the rest of Mason's conquests, Alira was a good choice. Would be a great choice, even, now that she's got a medical retirement and is out of the game for good.
Safety: A farm deep in the outback. Breed ostriches, drive a fuck-off big ute, keep an arsenal of "hunting" weapons large enough to repel an invading army. What could be safer than that?
Trust: Tim 1, Luc 0, Blake 0

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

Gatac posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2017-02-13 06:46:49
(Let's do some player-centered combat, since the topic just came up. In essence: when your enemies are not already gunning for you, you can do one of those action thriller "Come in and take out a couple sentries in 10 seconds" scenes. To do so, you use one of your general abilities - usually Athletics or Infiltration, but as Ross can tell you, we found "plausible"* justifications for every general ability - to get in position. This is a test vs. the enemy's awareness, which is usually 3, more if they're super-elite or know you're coming, maybe even less if they're sleepy border guards on a winter night in Bumfuckistan. If you succeed, awesome. If you fail, you can immediately spend 2 points of HtH, Shooting or Weapons - whatever you wanna fight with - to regain the upper hand. This is basically one of those scenes where the guard turns around at the last moment and you have to punch them in the face or cut their arm or shoot them in the leg - it's not the takedown itself, it just gets them out of our face so you can start your killchain.

* spoken with conviction and sufficient hand-waving

When that's done, you start making your attacks. This works like normal combat: your combat ability of choice versus the hit threshold, which (like for you guys) is usually 3, but may be higher if they're particularly elite - I will in such cases offer a vague assessment such as 'These guys look like Ex-Spetzsnaz' or 'Operations wasn't kidding when she said you'd be up against a top-shelf PMC'. Anyway, you make your attack as normal. If you hit, you don't roll damage - the target just goes down, period. And then, you can continue to make attacks, but for every attack you make, the hit threshold goes up by 1, so if f'rex you're on a wicked three-mook killchain, you'll need to beat 3, 4 and then 5 with your rolls. Player-centered combat ends when you miss an attack or run out of targets.

Phew! With that said, here's Mason's Infiltration vs 3 to get up onto the roof and take out Mr. Smoke Break: 1d6+2 = 7 SNEAKY MOFO

And then, we get stabby: Mason's Weapons vs 3: 1d6+2 = 8 RAMBO'S A PUSSY)

Mason's "taking care of" begin with him grabbing a large, empty trash bag from one of the bins of the hallway before he heads up the stairs to the roof. And it turns out that the roof access door wasn't locked; maybe it never is, maybe Mr. Smoke Break unlocked it when he came through, but however you slice it, it's good for Mason. Get it? However you slice it? Because Mason has a big knife and he's gonna use it to kill Mr. Smoke Break, haha! Puns.

The roof is one of those tar-and-gravel flats that you'd find anywhere where office buildings, rainy weather and lowest bidder meet. Mason's certainly been on his share of them, usually with a blanket and a sniper rifle, but he's no stranger to elevated sentry removal, either. Gingerly stepping along the gray plastic duck boards that make up the walkway, he creeps up on Mr. Smoke Break, who's pulling deeply from his latest cigarette. The glint of the street lamps below reflects off something shiny in the man's ears - Mason's temporary concern that this could be a radio earbud is alleviated when he hears the faint sound of music playing.

Well, it's a lookout, not a hearout, right? Idiots.

Well, for all his looking, Mr. Smoke Break doesn't see Mason coming, and that's probably a good thing, because even if he had seen Mason coming he probably couldn't have done anything to avert getting a knife shoved through his neck, and why burden your last moments with that kind of terror? As is, he only has time to harrumph in surprise as Mason pierces Mr. Smoke Break's carotid artery just where it splits into the interior and exterior, opening that up wide as the blade pushes further along the thyroid and into Mr. Smoke Break's windpipe; Mason's left hand slips the empty trash bag over his head almost simultaneously and pulls it tight. Warm blood shoots across Mason's knife hand, but most of the spray is caught by the bag and runs down over Mr. Smoke Break's jacket as he desperately, aimlessly fumbles to grab Mason's hand or his head or really anything. That only lasts a few seconds before the rapid blood loss ends the struggle. Mason's not one for gentleness, usually, but he does carefully lower Mr. Smoke Break's body onto the duck boards, making sure to keep the opening of the plastic bag raised so the blood doesn't spill, then gingerly extracts his right hand and knife from within. After wiping the blade on Smoke Break's shirt, he gets to taping the bag closed with the proverbial roll of duct tape, then sets to slowly dragging Mr. Smoke Break back to the staircase for later, more thorough cleanup and disposal.

Two down. Van to go. German pronunciation pun.