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  • Architecture 1
  • Human Terrain 2
  • Languages 2
  • Military Science 0/1

  • Bullshit Detector 1
  • Flirt 1
  • Interrogate 1
  • Intimidate 1
  • Reassure 1
  • Streetwise 1/2
  • Tradecraft 1

  • Chemistry 2
  • Data Recovery 1
  • Electronic Surveillance 1
  • Notice 2
  • Outdoor Survival 1
  • Photography 1
  • Urban Survival 1/2

3 points in reserve!

  • Athletics 4/8
  • Conceal 2
  • Cover 10
  • Driving 0/4
  • Explosive Devices 4/6 (MOS)
  • Hand-to-Hand 6/8
  • Health 9
  • Infiltration 5
  • Mechanics 0/2
  • Network 15
  • Sense Trouble 7/9
  • Shooting 5
  • Stability 7
  • Surveillance 6
  • Weapons 5

2 points in reserve!


Drive: Mystery. Why go to all the trouble to set up the bombings? Blake needs to get to the bottom of this, no matter what.
Symbol: Poetry, the only way to express what's behind Blake and what's ahead of him still.
Solace: Mama. Still keeping a light on for the son who's going everywhere but home.
Safety: Tibetan Monastery. One summer in college, Blake found something he didn't even know he was looking for up in Tibet. If he had to run...really run, it seems like the only place it could end.
Trust: Tim 3, Luc 3, Mason 1


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  • Human Terrain 1
  • Languages 3
  • Law 1
  • Military Science 1

  • Bullshit Detector 3
  • Flattery 2
  • Flirting 3
  • Interrogation 2
  • Negotiation 0/1
  • Tradecraft 2
  • Streetwise 1

  • Notice 3
  • Outdoor Survival 2

  • Athletics 4/8
  • Conceal 0/4
  • Cover 10
  • Disguise 0/2
  • Driving 4
  • Explosive Devices 2
  • Hand-to-Hand 4
  • Health 6
  • Infiltration 4
  • Mechanics 2
  • Medic 2/4
  • Network 15
  • Piloting 2
  • Preparedness 3/8 (MOS)
  • Sense Trouble 5/8
  • Shooting 3/8
  • Stability 4
  • Surveillance 1/4
  • Weapons 2/8


Mason also brings with him 4 points of Extra Heat: 2 points in Colombia and 2 in Chechnya. But surely, the hateboner of two major groups of organized crime are not gonna create any problems for you at all.


Drive: Altruism. Mason's all about doing the right thing. He just lives in a world where the Right Thing usually is to kill bad guys.
Symbol: A family on their knees with guns to their heads. The names, the faces, the blurs together for Mason, who's seen this too often. The people just outside that neat little picture, the ones holding those guns? Mason's gonna bury them, bury them all, so he never has to see this picture again.
Solace: Alira Holden, ASIS. Mason and Alira have crossed paths before, both professionally and...less professionally. And unlike the rest of Mason's conquests, Alira was a good choice. Would be a great choice, even, now that she's got a medical retirement and is out of the game for good.
Safety: A farm deep in the outback. Breed ostriches, drive a fuck-off big ute, keep an arsenal of "hunting" weapons large enough to repel an invading army. What could be safer than that?
Trust: Tim 1, Luc 0, Blake 0


Gatac updated in Wiki on 2017-07-18 15:09:49




  • Architecture 1
  • Criminology 1
  • Human Terrain 2
  • Languages 1
  • Military Science 1

  • Bullshit Detector 1
  • Bureaucracy 1
  • Cop Talk 1
  • Flattery 1
  • Flirting 1
  • High Society 1
  • Interrogation 1
  • Intimidation 1
  • Negotiation 1
  • Reassurance 2
  • Streetwise 1
  • Tradecraft 1

  • Electronic Surveillance 1
  • Forgery 1
  • Notice 1
  • Outdoor Survival 1
  • Pharmacy 1
  • Photography 1
  • Urban Survival 1

  • Athletics 5/8
  • Conceal 2/4
  • Cover 10
  • Digital Intrusion 2
  • Disguise 4/8
  • Driving 2 (Motorcycles)
  • Filch 2
  • Hand-to-Hand 1/4
  • Health 4/6
  • Infiltration 13/15 (MOS)
  • Network 12
  • Preparedness 2
  • Sense Trouble 8
  • Shrink 6/8
  • Stability 6
  • Surveillance 4

  • Laura Mayer, former Mossad, now dark web information broker (1 point left)


Drive: Altruism. Everyone deserves to come home.
Symbol: Kids, both the dead and the living sort. It’s why Tim never wants to leave bodies during a mission - and it’s why he will if he has to.
Solace: His sister, Sydney Barstow, frontwoman for the post-djentcorephonic band Wesley Snipes Is A Complete Sentence, currently on tour wherever is convenient to the plot.
Safety: Tim’s boat, the Carousing Bubble.
Trust: Mason 3, Blake 2/3, Luc 1

Re: IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2

Gatac posted in IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2 on 2017-07-18 15:04:25
(Cooperative Athletics succeeds!)

"Go!" Mason shouts - Tim and Mason rush at the driver's side of the SUV, while Blake and Operations, having quickly dismounted and drawn their respective weapons, hit the passenger side.


Stunned as they are from the accident, it's just a matter of wrenching the doors open (thank you modern safety design) and pulling the disoriented passengers out and shoving them face first to the pavement. Two of them are pretty out of it, one - with a very conspicuous bullet hole in his leg - is unconscious, with the driver being the only one with it enough to really struggle, but a quick bounce of his head off the pavement fixes that.

As the others quickly strip weapons and ziptie the mercs and their driver, Mason catches his breath and breaks out his burner again, dialing the number of the cop he chatted up at the tower crime scene - though he doubts he's the first one to call the cops on this little scene.

The phone rings a few times until she picks up, chatter in the back. "Yeah? Can I call you back?"
"I have them," Mason says. "Corner of Crynssen and Van Rensselaer. They're secured and ready for you."
There's some wind rustle as the cop turns away from the phone and shouts something in Dutch at her colleagues (?). "Say that again, you got them? The bastards who shot up the tower?"
"We do," Mason says.
"Fuck," the cop says. "Okay, stay there! Don't move, don't let them get away. I'm coming to and a couple of friends."

Mason hangs up the phone.

"Cops are on their way - let's search these idiots, get copies of any ID, and then you all get out of sight. I'll wait here."
"Excellent," Operations says, then turns to Blake. "Can you take the wheel again? We need to get gone right now."
"You got the patdown?" Laith says to Tim. "I'll get their biometrics."

Re: IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2

skullandscythe posted in IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2 on 2017-07-18 12:22:05
"We'll try to buy you some time, I guess," Blake replies before turning to Ops. "But the best way I know to do that is get off this road and cut through bat country, if you know what I mean."
"Will that still get us to Surinameplein?"
"There'll be some sharp turns. Take the next right."
Ops frowns. "I think I've seen this before."
"Probably in the news. Plane crashed into some high-rises in the 90s."
"I hope you're not counting on a repeat."
"No. Sharp turn left, here."
There's a screech as Ops takes the 90-degree turn 15 mph fast. "What are you counting on, then?"
"Our friends not wanting to attract attention from the Hopi Boys. Or the Kloekhorststraat Gang."
"Bat country," Ops mutters. ""Are we cutting through their turf?"
Blake leans forward, watching the surroundings. "Based on the graffiti, I'd say we're skirting around it. This right, here."
"Now we're cutting through."
"No, the cops are more thorough in this section. Football stars live here," Blake replies.
Mason calls back. "We've got someone in the Bollard system, and we're on our way. Where do you want them?"
"Just off of Curacaostraat, please. We'll be there in..." Blake checks his watch. "About a minute. Let you know when."

There's a few more twists and tight turns, but Blake guides the car through the worst of the minefield. The SUV starts to dominate in the rearview as they put the Bijlmermeer behind them, however.

"Take the next left." Blake dials Mason's burner. "Are you in position?"
"Yeah. Ready?"
"Not yet. We need to get clear first." Blake gives Ops a nod.
They pull into the lane, Ops punching the gas as hard as she can. The SUV does the same. They both rocket through the lane, but the SUV has the advantage now, and is gaining. Blake can make out facial features in the windshield-

Which makes the impact with the bollard all the sweeter. Blake hears it go up, sees a bit of it shoot up in front of the SUV's grille. The faces rocking forward into the deploying airbags.

Then Ops takes a hard swerve, and brings the car around. Mason, still on the phone with the other hacker, and Tim are already in flanking position nearby, van between them and the SUV's crew. The SUV is smoking from the block, hood popped out of place. The operatives inside, groaning and grumbling, are slow to respond, or even open the doors - doubtless they all took a tumble when they hit the bollard.

Re: IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2

Gatac posted in IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2 on 2017-07-18 10:25:11
"Maybe a week?" Laith comments, then grins. "But this is the gig economy. You drive, I'll hire someone who can get us in."

Re: IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2

punkey posted in IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2 on 2017-07-18 08:51:39
"That's quite a rowdy party," Mason replies, and goes silent as he tries to think of a solution as quickly as possible. There's a park there, but we'd have to clear it out - we could bring the cops in, but they'd get shredded and we'd be arrested - we can't ram them because it'd wreck the van and we need it - fuck what else is there -

Mason stops when he sees a bus pull out of a protected bus road. "Laith, how fast can you take control of a set of retractable bollards?"

Re: IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2

skullandscythe posted in IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2 on 2017-07-18 08:41:17
"One black SUV, carrying anywhere between 4 to 8 men wearing tac gear and looking well-armed," Blake responds. "Find a table for them quick and some shots of AP for them, they look like they need to take the edge off."

And now I'm itching for that breakfast buffet again. I wonder if they serve lox? Been a while since I had some good smoked salmon...

Re: IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2

punkey posted in IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2 on 2017-07-18 07:23:55
Mason looks down at the cop uniforms he and Tim are still wearing and smirks at Tim. "And how many are we catering this party for?"