The Kingdom - Born on the Bayou

CrazyIvan 2017-02-15 02:11:30
The duelist doesn't turn from her enemy - that impulse was trained out of her with a sufficient number of blows with a practice sword to the ribs, or once, rather memorably, to the side of her head. She does however duck her head, closing her eyes and filling her lungs, bracing for the inevitable torrent of filth from the creature.

Which never comes, halted by the insane leap of Ozzy and Marin onto the creature - which makes bladework somewhat more dangerous, but is at the very least commendably brave.

The stature of the bear-thing, and it's ability to leverage it's bulk and...vomit...was proving a complication. And if nothing else, Ozzy and Martin's heroics would be made much less complicated by taking place lower to the ground. Capitalizing on the furry distraction currently trying to punch the beast, Ana darts to it's back, seeking to sever the creature's overstrained hamstrings.