Jade Imperium - Came To Make A Bang

Gatac 2020-07-29 16:34:43
"The plan is that we locate the death squad's roving camp, infiltrate it to free the hostages and cause as much damage on the way out as we can," Hug'sh says, leaving out the specifics. "Here's what I know and what I need all of us to understand," he adds. "One, we came here with a very specific mission in mind, planned before we knew the whole scope of the problems here. Two, we're capable of rescuing the hostages, but that will provoke some response from the Imperium. Three, whatever else needs to happen to free this planet from the Imperium is beyond what we can accomplish with the available resources. I don't know exactly what we could get done if we threw caution to the wind, but I know it won't be enough. And I'm not a fan of heroic sacrifices. I have a family to come home to and a bigger war to win."

He looks from Angel to Vasa.

"It's all well and good that there are probably exploitable tensions between the regular garrison and the death squad, and it's all well and good that you have three thousand people willing to rise up when you call upon them. But right now, those don't get us a free Gricanne. We have a choice to make. Do we proceed with the hostage rescue or do we not?"
Admiral Duck Sauce 2020-07-30 18:05:07
Front Toward Enemy retracts its sensors at long last, caught in the fugue of spiraling drones and rumbling, ever-moving disassemblers. "Time to put those ident packets to use. I'd rather walk in and be there than sneak through those vents and have to stay hidden the entire time. Plus you're right - both those plans are better than dodging mining lasers." FTE figures their Turai IDs would work inside as well as outside, and if they didn't, it was better to find out now. "Send to the other team, tell them we're making contact."
punkey 2020-08-01 10:46:38
Vasa crosses his arms and stares back up at Hug'sh. "What we want to know is how do you plan on doing it. We've both got friends who've got loved ones with a beamer to their heads in that camp. Bashakra'i are long on promises so far, and a noble, a Wherren, and a couple of toughs don't seem like the type that are about to change that."
Gatac 2020-08-01 11:48:37
Hug'sh nods to that.

"Very well," he begins. "Our last was that you have had no luck tracing the roving camp yourselves. Unless this is no longer the case, finding the camp is our first challenge - and arguably the most difficult. We must expand our sight. Our prospector cover should give us enough freedom to move about the desert. We will visit likely sites and plant sconces there, to register any movement in the vicinity and alert us. We expect that to take a few days in all. Once the camp is located, we will move close with whatever skimmers we can procure and learn as much about their defenses as we can - sensors, scouts, patrol patterns. We expect their physical security to be light and focused more on containing the hostages than to defend against an attack they believe cannot find them. When we have spotted our points of entry and exfiltration, we will proceed on foot."

He nods first to Arketta and Zaef, then to Angel.

"And he will cover our approach. Now, the assault itself. We are skilled in staying out of sight and removing sentries. As we make our way in, we will be distributing a generous amount of explosives throughout the camp. The details of how we remove the guards for the hostages will depend on how they have arranged their camp, but rest assured that this is our specialty. Once we have freed them, we will pick our way to our exfiltration point. And when we have cleared the blast radius, we will set off the explosives and turn the entire camp alongside its denizens into a fireball." He snorts. "Should we be discovered at any point, the explosions start sooner - as does our covering fire. The hostages are our primary objective, but we will take as many of the bastards as we can on the way out. We will not hesitate. We will not negotiate. We will grant no quarter." The red-yellow in his fur flares up like a gust of fresh oxygen blown straight into a furnace. "I earned my name learning that lesson."

He takes a breath and the burst of anger fades from his colors.

"After that, we will transport the hostages away on the skimmers. If the camp even gets off a distress signal, we do not expect the responders to show up with enough speed or numbers to challenge our escape. They will only find flames and corpses." He casts his eye from Vasa to Maarh. "Once we have left the hot zone and are certain that nobody is pursuing us, we will bring the hostages to whatever safe location you designate for us, and thereafter lie low until we can depart the planet again. That is our plan so far. I hope this answers both your question on the 'how' and your concerns about whether or not to put some faith in us. Unless you would rather we make a grandiose introduction of our names and titles? I've been told they draw quite the impression but I don't believe they would sway your opinion of us."
CrazyIvan 2020-08-08 07:51:00
There's the Captain I know.

Angel's acceptance of the plan is - per usual - largely one of his silence. He does however speak up slightly in defense of still figuring out the dynamics of the local situation.

"A pissed off Turai officer is less likely to go barreling off in response to an alarm that could get her men killed too."

You and I both know people with the right uniform who we're not exactly eager to take a bullet for.
Gatac 2020-08-09 04:25:25
Hug'sh grunts his assent. "That is true," he says. "We won't know what the soil will bear until we sow. Whatever other information we can find out - and allegiances we can shift - during our search for the camp could be of use to us during our raid. I will take any edge we can get."
punkey 2020-08-09 04:35:14
"So," Vasa asks, having taken in Hug'sh's speech and Angel's contribution, "who's doing what? The Turai know who we are, they're not likely to pop 'round for a friendly chat."
Gatac 2020-08-09 04:48:25
Hug'sh looks to Arketta and Angel. "Perhaps a former Turai or a charming noble will have an easier time of getting into Samal Ihan's good graces," he says, then turns to Zaef. "Which leaves us free to explore the wastes, I guess."

He looks to Vasa.

"We will need a way to stay in touch without meeting physically," he says. "Even if the Turai didn't follow you here, we don't need them associating you with us. One known encounter, we might play off as your desperate attempt to recruit well-funded offworlders into your struggle. I don't want to imagine what they'll do if they pick up our true scent, though."
punkey 2020-08-09 05:11:02
Both Vasa and Maarh flick their vox codes to the group. "Done," Maarh grunts. "They're only on every hour, but we can set time and procedures for meeting up if we need to."
Gatac 2020-08-13 18:22:51
Hug'sh nods as he fumbles his way through the haptics for adding their codes to his vox shortlist.

"Vox codes will do for now," he says. "We'll let you know if there are any urgent issues, but other than that, expect our next call when we are ready to move on the camp. In the meantime, we will leave you to your business and you may leave us to ours."

He looks over to Vasa.

"And when the hostages are safe, we will discuss Grinacanne's future in earnest."
CrazyIvan 2020-08-13 23:06:32
Angel nods at Hug'sh's suggestion.

"I did ask Samal Ihan for a map of where she'd prefer me not stick my nose. That presents a potential avenue asking for a followup meeting. Either that, or filing a flight plan with her that's...mostly alright, but strays into a few places that," he nods to Vasa and Maarh, "you think might not set off alarms, but would be met with 'could you not?'."
punkey 2020-08-14 05:12:13
"Probably wouldn't be too bright to advertise your intentions officially, sunshine," Vasa says. "You sure you've done this before?"
CrazyIvan 2020-08-14 05:18:24
Angel looks at Vasa evenly.

"That you've mistaken faking an innocent mistake to look like a team player trying to keep his nose clean in order to score a few cheap points with a potential point of friction between the two groups you're trying to fight as 'advertising my intentions' might make me ask the same question of you...sunshine."

"But if its going to take getting into a pissing match with you to get things moving, I'm happy to indulge you."
punkey 2020-08-14 05:22:11
Vasa steps up. "You Bashakra'i come here and get yourselves killed all the time, I just figured you might need some advice. I've been dodging Turai sweeps and death squads for years, what the fuck have you done?"
CrazyIvan 2020-08-14 07:06:35
Angel looks at Hug'sh and shrugs.

"I tried big fella."

He sits back down, the casual manner not particularly affected - Angel's just Angel, and Angel is lazy until he needs not to be, and it also does a number on Vasa's bluster that Angel simply. doesn't. care.

"I'm not Bashakra'i. I'm Terran."

He lets that sink in for just a moment.

"My name is Angel Kesh. Some particularly creative types came up with "The Killing Wind" if that helps. Three years ago I got my introduction to the lovely little empire you all are fighting in a way that ended with with a dead Khiraba and a messed up knife. I was there for the liberation of Whiirr. Me and the rest of the 815 broke into the Repository of the Benevolent Spirits, kicked in the doors of the Halls of Tranquility and the Heavenly Purity itself, killed an Avatar of the Emperor and escaped through the Black Gate. Helped rediscover the Sheen and brought those charming little kill-bots back into the fold. Helped exfiltrate folks from several different Imperial-held worlds, have been a major stakeholder in an industrium under their nose some time now."

He motions to Hug'sh, Zaef and Arketta. "And these are my friends. Zaef Utari - Bloodwraith if you were an Arena fan, who is definitely better with a knife than I am. Arketta Quis - also known as Tarnisher of the Scarlet Banner, again if you're of a poetic mind, and the finest soldier I've ever charged headlong into the Black Gate with, and Hug'sh Walks-the-Fire. Whose story is long and complicated and full of nuance and tenderness that I don't think is required to finish making my point."
Gatac 2020-08-14 18:01:20
"General Walks-the-Fire, for the Free Wherren," Hug'sh adds. "I have been avoiding the topic as I would much prefer that we prove ourselves with deeds, not words. But knowing who we are now, I hope you can see yourself to putting some faith in us, despite all." He smiles. "You sent for help. We're here. Let's get this done."